We Are EOSMetal

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Physically Decentralizing EOS Through Bare Metal and Multi-International Physical Servers

Our Guiding Principles

Bare Metal

We believe Decentralization starts at the Hardware Layer, eliminating another potential 3rd party by commiting Bare Metal to the blockchain.

Fully Independent

We are EOS investors first, dedicated to EOS success, we are self funded with no outside investors, need for a 'token' and not invested in DAPP's, we exist to only produce EOS blocks. As professional investors, we also provide guides on how to buy stocks securely. If you’re wondering where to buy stocks, visit https://kryptoszene.de/aktien-kaufen/ and make a wise investment decision.

Multi-International Servers

We did not stop at Bare Metal, we believe true Decentralization requires a Multi-International presence, spanning several Geopolitical locations.

Why Choose Us

Decentralization and independance are at the core of our values and we are dedicated to maintaining this philosophy throughout our existance as a Block Producer for the EOS community. This drives our operating decisions at ever point in our design and operations, here are just some of the commitments we have made to be truly Decentralized:

Dedicated Bare Metal Servers.

Multiple Datacenters from Varied Providers.

International hosting locations selected to be geopolitically solvent.

Entirely Self-Funded, No Outside Investors to Please.

We Only Produce Blocks, No DAPP’s, No Exchange’s.


Our infrastructure at EOS.io mainnet launch will consist of bare metal servers, geographically distributed at the time of launch. This hardware will consist of:

Dual Xeon Processors.

64GB of Ram (Expandable to 128GB).

2x480GB SDD (Expandable).

Firewall, Load Balancing and DDoS services.

Iceland & Panama Datacenters at Launch.

Denmark & Grand Cayman on Roadmap.


Years of IT experience


Outside Investments


Bare metal servers at launch


Countries at launch

Our Team

Dionisio Antón

Director of Infrastructure

Jorge Ferrando

Director of Technology

Daniel Lazor

Director of Operations